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Premiere Pool Table Supplies & Billiard Suppliers in Melbourne

With fewer and fewer pool table suppliers and billiard suppliers who are not willing to go the extra mile, it is becoming increasingly frustrating for buyers to find the right vendor who will sell not just the table, but to also deliver on shipping, installation, and maintenance.

That's why we have decided to take it a step further by also offering both our wholesale and individual buyers a range of competitive prices that suits their needs, budget, and above all, meets their expectations.

We keep it simple by making the pool and billiard table purchase as easy as 1, 2, 3 - book a delivery slot, prepare your space, and on the actual delivery day, the installation is also completed. You can even shop for necessary pool and billiard accessories right from the start.

That’s why we are humbled to be one of the premiere pool table suppliers and billiard suppliers in Melbourne, and across Australia.

Pool Table Supplies in Melbourne

In the last 14 years our company have, on a regular basis, been major pool table suppliers in Melbourne, our home-base, and across Australia. At any given time, we are either designing and manufacturing new tables, or restoring them.

Transportation is organised and diligently handled by our company, to whichever destination the pool table is heading.

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pool table supplies melbourne
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Billiard Suppliers in Melbourne

Made to order, we are passionate about crafting superior designs and delivering our billiard tables on time and as promised. We can either send across our own billiard fitter for installation and levelling the table or some customers hire a local fitter.

We have been shipping across various parts of Australia since the early 2000s.

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About Cue Sport Supplies: Premier Pool Table & Billiard Suppliers

With over 14 years of operational and manufacturing experience in a wide range of pool, snooker, and billiards tables in and around Australia, Cue Sport Supplies, also known as 147 Snooker Supplies, have fused together form and function to refine any games room.

Whether it's a fully furnished and equipped games room, or just a single table, we have the complete range of billiards tables and pool tables ready to ship, along with accessories.

In continuing to fulfill the game's legacy, we put our customers at the centre by also delivering on a range of services that includes maintenance, installation, and transportation. Even if it's for tables in large clubs and pubs, or your family, or the man cave, we take the time to give 100% precision in every part of our work.

Based right here in Australia's Melbourne region, we are proud to be one of the premier designers, manufacturers and distributors of pool and billiards tables.

If you’re interested in a quick chat, email us for an appointment or call us on 0467474394. Or simply walk in to our showroom at 1 Foch St, North Shore VIC 3214, Australia.

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