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100% Complete Pool & Snooker Table Reclothing, Replacement, and Restoration

Is your old or damaged pool, snooker or billiard table in need of being brought back to its former glory? Or maybe you want an upgraded pool table reclothing? Whether it’s re-rubbering of cushions, installing new nets and leathers, sanding and respraying the woodwork, fitting flanges and re-adjusting feet, or replacement of broken pocket brackets, Cue Sport Supplies has a long history of providing excellent pool and snooker table repair, restoration, and maintenance services on-site, and in our showroom.

But before we get started, let’s keep you up-to-date with how to choose the right billiard or pool cloth for your old table. There is a good chance that it was well-built when it was first bought, and now all it needs is a proper pool table reclothing, or a snooker table reclothing, depending on what table you have.

What is the best pool and snooker tablecloth? Worsted or woollen? High performance or high durability? Ignoring the wide variety of colours available, there are also multiple felt types and weight available.

For either a pool table reclothing or a snooker table reclothing, the cloth comes in two main categories — woollen cloth and worsted, also known as ‘English 6811’ and ‘American’ cloth, respectively.

Woollen cloth is more traditional and widely used. Its fibres are napped in a single direction, giving the cloth a subtle velvet-like quality, the direction of the nap can be felt and seen under close inspection. The nap of this cloth makes your balls move at different speeds depending on the direction, at the same time it also allows players easily to curve balls. It’s important to mark the top and bottom of the table correctly. These cloths require extra care and maintenance.

Worsted cloth is weaved in a worsted style, turning it into a smoother, finer and harder fabric. Its reduced friction allows balls to move at greater speeds and maintain momentum for longer. These cloths are easier to maintain, plus it comes with liquid-repelling properties.

Equally important to note, when selecting a pool table reclothing or a snooker table reclothing, two other factors are to be considered — performance and durability. Generally, a heavier and thicker cloth will prove to be more durable, but it will create more friction, causing balls to lose momentum sooner.

The best way to estimate a cloths durability is by its gsm (grams per square meter). Professional pool and snooker tournaments often use a cloth that weights around 390gsm, these allow balls to maintain momentum, but keep in mind these cloths require proper maintenance and are more frequently replaced. Pubs and bars mostly use a 440gsm cloth as they last longer, but performance is not at tournament-level.

With a range of woollen and worsted cloths, and a variety of hardwoods and slates, we can re-cloth, repair, re-felt, re-level, re-polish, replace or repair tables, cushions and pockets for all pool and snooker or billiard tables in Melbourne and around parts of Australia.

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