Top Of The Line & Cost-effective  Pool Table Accessories Melbourne

Owning a pool table without the accessories and supplies to maintain and care for it is like owning a vacant house. That's why Cue Sport Supplies brings you a wide variety of pool table accessories including bridges, racks, net pockets, heavy-duty covers, and more for your gaming experience.

Depending on your available space and room configuration, we have plenty of other options for accessory storage. If your space is limited, consider a wall mounted rack pack that matches your pool table. Our rack packs come with modern ball sets and cues, allowing ample storage space for more pool table accessories.

To enquire about our range of top-notch yet affordable pool table accessories, email us or dial 0467474394 and one of our experts will guide you through your needs.

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We want your pool playing experience to be as smooth as possible. To achieve this, our pool table accessories Melbourne come in many types, brands, shapes and sizes. Some of the most sought-after pool table accessories include:

  • Pool Cues - regardless of your playing style, we have both pool and snooker cues that will suit your needs.
  • Pool Balls - Whether you’re looking for a replacement ball or a complete set of modern high-quality balls. We have them all, including ball cleaners, trays and more.
  • Pool Table Covers - To keep your investment protected, pick from our selection of heavy-duty pool table covers that will help you to maintain your cloth and frame.
  • Cue Cases - Whether you are in favour of a soft cue case or a hard cue case, or a two-piece, a one-piece and three quarter-jointed, we have the cue case you want.
  • Cue Racks – Keep your cues organised and protected between games with either a wall-mounted cue rack, a floor-standing cue rack, or a two-piece clip rack.
  • Cue Tips – Improve the quality of impact between your cue and ball with a cue tip that gives you better control over your shots.
  • Cue Chalk – Ensure you have good connection between tip and ball with a decent cue chalk.
  • Triangles – Pick from a range of triangles and diamonds for your 8-ball, 9-ball or snooker game.
  • Lighting - Choose an overhead pool table lighting with traditional individual bulbs, or a full overhead rig for absolute visibility.
  • Pool Table Care - Eliminate fluff and finger marks that accumulates on your table with an inexpensive brush that can quickly and easily clean your pool table surface.

If you need any help or advice with pool table accessories our experienced team have a wealth of knowledge that spans a combined 14 years when it comes to pool table accessories in Melbourne. We are just a phone call away on 0467474394.

While your pool table is no doubt the most important part of your gaming experience, your pool table accessories Melbourne can make all the difference.

Simply email us your queries and requirements for premium quality, and yet affordable pool table accessories, for both individuals, and businesses. We promise to get back to you at the earliest.

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