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Pool Table Bumpers & Pool Table Cushion Replacement: Quick & Professional

It’s no secret that pool table bumpers, as well as pool table cushion replacement, like every other sporting material, will be in need of repairs and maintenance from time to time. Here’s how it’s typically done with the price range for your budget.

As a rule, the steps to our pool table bumpers & pool table cushion replacement includes:

  • Removing rails from the table
  • Removing old cloth and cushion rubber from the rails
  • Preparing the surface of the cushion blocks
  • Fitting the cushion rubbers to new cushion blocks
  • Cutting and fitting new rubber
  • Clothing the new cushions

Each of these steps involves special tools and special glue which are best left to professionals.

If your pool table was from the 1970s or 1980s, they typically would have been nailed on. Here, we recommend upgrading them to modern screw-in cushions. They allow better ball contact with the cushion rail, thereby providing more consistent bounce.

Some frequently asked questions from our customers:

  • Why is a pool table cushion replacement so essential?

Pool table cushions contain rubber, and rubber ages with time. Rubber needs to flex to maintain its natural spring and pool balls can bounce off the rails smoothly again. Plus, the bounce mutes any sound of impact when the balls hit the rail.

Yes! It makes sense to replace the cloth if the rubber inside the cushion is being replaced. Else, it leaves a patchy looking finish on the cloth.

  • What are the best pool table bumper replacements?

For K66, go with Pro Series A30-B K66 Cushion Bumpers.

For K55, we suggest the Iszy Billiards K55 Cushion.

For U23 we recommend the Pro Series A31-C, the U23 Cushion, or the Ozone Billiards U23.

Other notable pool table bumper replacements brand:

  • Pro Series A31-C U23 Cushion
  • Game Room Guys K66
  • Han's Delta K66 Rubber Cushions
  • BornWinner BW Premium K66 Cushion
  • Championship PRO – AM K66 Cushion
  • Pro Series K66 Rail Rubber
  • CueStix International Rubber Cushion
  • How long do pool table bumpers last?

High grade pool table bumpers can last up to 25 years, cheaper ones can only last about seven years.

  • How much does it cost for pool table bumper replacement?

On average, pool table bumper replacement can cost between $282 – $434. Depending on the table's size and the fabric’s quality. Some services charge less if you buy your own felt.

  • Why do pool table rails become hard?

Pool table cushions are made of rubber, and by nature, rubber tends to dry out. Plus, ball shots can reduce the resiliency of the rubber so it cannot bounce back as far as it used to.

If you find your pool table cushions are sagging, and pool table bumpers have lost their bounce or showing signs of wear and tear, call Cue Sport Supplies at 0467474394. Our repair experts will respond be there to answer all your queries.

If you're looking to replace your pool table bumpers & pool table cushions with long lasting cushions, contact us today and we’ll schedule an appointment. We can provide you more information on the kind of price range available for your budget.

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