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Classy Pool Tables For Sale in Geelong, Victoria

For most families, individuals and particularly businesses in Geelong, a pool table purchase is a significant investment. Geelong, already well known for sport and leisure, have a thriving hip haven that pool and snooker tables are well received.

But before that, it is important to know what to shop for and compare quality, along with value for price. Here is a quick and updated walk-through on some of the main factors to consider in choosing the perfect pool table in Geelong.

What is the best sized pool table for sale in Geelong?

For adults and children: 7ft and 8ft tables are the most common used tables in Australia. pool table in Geelong, build’s both of these sizes.

7ft tables  are what is used for 8 ball tournaments around Australia.

What style of pool table in Geelong is better?

Pick a pool table that matches your décor — modern, traditional, indoor, or outdoor. You can also opt for a pool table in Geelong that can be converted to a dining table or a ping pong table.

What pool table in Geelong is better in quality?

  • The frame and cabinet should have been constructed of either hardwood or steel.
  • The slate should be I piece of 19mm slate  for 7 and 8ft tables
  • The cushion rubber should be 100% gum rubber.

What special lightning do I need for a pool table in Geelong?

Though lighting is the second-most important priority after buying a pool table Geelong. You just need to ensure that the light must be bright enough to see over the table and the entire playing surface without any shadows.

Who does the installation for a pool table in Geelong?

Wrong installation can ruin your pool table in Geelong in just weeks, or right from the start. It is best to have a professional installer handle it completely - from delivery, to assembly, to levelling, and finally, installation.

More questions on your mind?

Schedule an appointment with pool table Geelong experts at Cue Sport Supplies. We guarantee you will get the most from your investment. We also offer a variety of pool tables for sale in Geelong!

Our team have been operating for over 14 years in distributing quality pool table products to clubs, pubs and homes all around Geelong, Melbourne, and the entirety of Australia. Our quality products are made to suit everyone’s budget and needs – from services, pool table maintenance, table transportation, table re-clothing, supply and fitting new cushion rubbers – we do it all.

If your game is pool, and whether you play socially or competitively, we stock all your pool table accessories:

  • A range of cues
  • Ball sets
  • Cue stands and scoreboards
  • Covers and cases
  • Combination wall racks
  • Tips and ferrules

Here at Cue Sport Supplies we manufacture our pool tables right in Geelong itself, using local hardwood and quality fittings, and are for sale at very competitive prices.

Call us on 0467474394, we’ll walk you through every step of the pool table for sale in Geelong so all you have to do is enjoy your pool table.

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