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In all its splendour, snooker and pool are an addictive, geometric dance of balletic precision, expert cueing, and tactical strategy.

Snooker cues in Melbourne are steadily regaining fans and are quickly reclaiming their immense popularity once again, including the search for high quality pool cues online. is proud to deliver high quality snooker cues in Melbourne products from world famed snooker makers such as Cannon, Cue Craft and Peradon. The price range of pool cues online and snooker cues in Melbourne start from just under $100 to over $300, meaning there's a cue for every level of player — beginners, amateurs, and professionals.

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Which is why, here at Cue Sport Supplies, we often get asked for advice on choosing snooker cues in Melbourne, or how to shop for pool cues online or any other type of billiard product and pool accessories. Drop us an email with your specifications, type of cue, and the budget. We would gladly discuss and find the most feasible solution to your requirements. Whether you’re from Melbourne, Adelaide‎, Brisbane, Canberra‎, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Sydney or a remote part of Australia, we will make the necessary pricing adjustments including home delivery.

Keep in mind, we also test out every part of our pool and snooker cues in Melbourne before we place them for delivery.

If this is your first time buying a pool cue online or a snooker cue in Melbourne, you ought to know that there is a difference between both cues. If placed side-by-side, they can be hard to tell apart. Especially if you’re looking for snooker and pool cues online since they have almost twin-like similarities.

Snooker Cues Melbourne vs Pool Cues Online: A Brief Comparison Table

Snooker Cue Pool Cue
Cue Tip Between 9mm & 10.5mm Between 12mm & 13mm
Cue Weight Between 18 & 20oz Between 19 to 21oz
Cue Size 57-58 inches 57-58 inches
Cue Material Ash Wood Maple Wood or Ash Wood

In simple terms, the main difference between a snooker cue in Melbourne and a pool cue online is in geometry, as they are designed for two different games. This causes variations in length, cue tip, weight, and size of each category of cue. This is primarily due to the difference in weight and diameter of the balls for a snooker table and a pool table.

It is important that players use the right cue for either snooker or pool games to avoid loss of control, flexibility, and perfect aim while playing, as well as not to damage the balls.

Whether you’re buying a new pool cue online or a snooker cue Melbourne, here’s what you ought to consider?

  • What dimensions should your cue be?
  • Will you get a far better cue if you spend more money?
  • What types of wood should your cue be made of?
  • What type of finishing is best on your cue?
  • Who the best person/vendor to ask for advice?

Naturally, it’s best to try out lots of pool or snooker cues whenever you have the chance. Once you’ve found a decent cue, stay with it.

Start shopping for snooker cues Melbourne and pool cues online.

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