Tyrone and blade cues

The Cue.

We looked at what guidelines and rules that World Snooker have in place for what is required for a snooker cue to be used in official play. So getting World Snooker to approve this as a proper playing cue was a must.        

We took a close look at how other sports marketed  its equipment and the following pattern came to light using the following words to do this (oversize, midsize, sweet spot, guide lines, lazer, sighting aid) to make everything seem like, You can do this and it will improve my game.

But yet the basic design of the snooker cue, the tables, the balls remained the same. 

With all the above in front of us we started to try and do different changes and designs that would fit in with what other sports have done to get players involved, but still maintain the standard shape of a snooker cue, 


We took 2 cues, one ash and one maple  and spoke to different players about their personal preferences and why they choose their cues. 

The players who preference to an ash shaft cue, all stated that they used the chevron (arrows) or side grain to align the shot, the maple shaft players like the smoothness and most used a grain of the shaft to do the same. So the sighting is already there in it’s own form, and yet the common faults are not seen when or after they happen. 

The Blade Cue that is now available is the results 100s of hours of testing and practice sessions with 40 plus players that range from complete novices, disabled kids to professional who all agree this cue not only makes the game easy to understand but also show you what you are doing wrong.

Each Blade Cue is build using the best materials  available. the design we have made to help its user is now a registered and licensed to 3 lines ltd.

The Cues are made up using the following materials,




Ebony. (Custom orders)

Rosewood. (Junior and English pool) 

Indian Blackwood. (Custom orders)

Colour veneers with various exotic woods for splicing for custom orders. 

The lines are made using a special wood based resin using real ebony particles that we had made to give the feel of natural wood so the shaft plays as normal and gives the player using the cue total comfort with each shot. 

The reason we choose this wood based resins and rocketlite is to deal with the new restriction limits that has been put on the importation of certain exotic woods into the U.K. 

The Blade Cue is for everybody who want to play any cue sport, it’s designed to encourage a greater knowledge of what is required to play the game correctly and by doing this it becomes enjoyable. 

The Blade Cue is the brainchild of World Snooker coach and former professional Gary Filtness and Northern Ireland Cuemaker Martin Daly from Tyrone Cues.
The idea was to develop a cue that helps explains the following,


  1. The correct way to approach the table. 
  2. Keep everything in line.
  3. Sighting the cue ball and object ball.
  4. Develop a smooth cue action that stays on line.
  5. To encourage a follow through on every shot. 
  6. To show a player if they move or twist when the shot is complete.
  7. To explain when coaching the benefits of a straight cue action.
  8. To encourage and teach junior players.
  9. Simplify the mechanics of a good cue action.
  10. And the list is endless as the cue became a reality.
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